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Do you want to play a game with endless possibilities?

A game that develops through its players?


Your first challenge:

Pay attention and try to understand.



Your second challenge:

Get beeswax and dive into a new reality.   




explore context craft

Swipe through the cards


Need Ideas to”Make”?

Swipe through the cards. You can select a # from your “Make” cards.  

Last Update: 21.05.2020


Collect Artifacts

This game works with different artifacts.
Every artifact opens new level of play in life. And most of them are not hard to find.
Your main mission to really enjoy the game is to find and get the magical artifact: Beeswax!


Play with ContextCards (Online and Offline)


Play Online with the Context Shuffler

Pick cards by pausing the shuffler.

Tap long or click right to save the shuffler on your device and send via Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc. and invite others to play. 


Intention Cards

Swipe through the cards. Press long (right-click) to save/share.


Get inspired and Inspire: The #Hashtag Game


Lets Create Walls of Love and Inspiration

The Hashtags on every card combine your journey. If you collect them and add them on social media, you can invite people to laugh, dream and get inspired. 

If you are struggling with an idea on the card, just enter the hashtag on social media and see what other players have created already. 


Seeds. Plants. Life.


We feel we came very far with this game. We discovered many things through what the bee has given us. And we want to continue this things, which feels like pure love for us. And for you as well, hopefully. Help us leeping it going and support the discoverers of this game on Patreon. We intend to give also good insights on how to play and what are good ways to discover. If you enjoy, what is happening, support the game.  


Collect your Gamecards in a Set / Create your own card

We already made one that you can use.
Print it. Cut it. Play it. Share it. Invite others to play.


Play in your local context

This game knows no boundaries and no borders. Yet, it is beautiful to connect and play with the people around you.

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